Nadya Malenko

Professor of Finance and Wargo Family Faculty Fellow

Curriculum Vitae


Contact information

Boston College, Finance Department

Fulton 330, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 

Phone: 617-552-1698


 Working papers

     Short summary:  CLS Blue Sky Blog

     SlidesInternet Appendix

     Short summary:  Harvard Law School Forum 

     Interview for ECGI Conversations


      Best Paper in Corporate Finance Award, SFS Cavalcade 2024

      Post about pass-through voting:  QuoraForbes

      Short summary of the paper:  CLS Blue Sky Blog

           Revise and resubmit, Journal of Finance   (SlidesInternet Appendix)

           Short summaries:  VoxEU,  ECGI Blog

      Slides and lecture covering part of the survey

     Revise and resubmit, Journal of Finance   (SlidesInternet Appendix)

           Short summaries:  CLS Blue Sky Blog,  Oxford Business Law Blog,  Canadian Investment Review 

           Revise and resubmit, Journal of Finance   (SlidesOnline Appendix)

           Short summary:  CLS Blue Sky Blog 

           Revise and resubmit (2nd round), Journal of Finance   (SlidesInternet Appendix)

           Charles River Associates Award for the best paper in Corporate Finance, WFA 2022

           CICF Best Paper Award, CICF 2022

           2022 ECGI Finance Prize for the best paper in the ECGI Finance Working Paper Series

           Short summary:  CLS Blue Sky Blog 


           Journal of Finance, 79 (1), 257-304, February 2024 (SlidesVideo for ECGISSRNInternet Appendix)

           Semi-finalist in the John L. Weinberg/IRRCi Research Paper Award Competition

           Short summaries: Harvard Law School Forum,  CLS Blue Sky BlogFinance Theory Insights 

           Presentation at the ECGI Spotlight Series 

 Survey of the literature in Handbook of Corporate Finance ed. by David Denis, Chapter 14, 511-547, February 2024 (SSRNLink)

       Slides and lecture covering part of the survey 

Survey of the literature in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, August 2023 (link)

      Short summary:  CLS Blue Sky Blog  

           Review of Financial Studies,  36 (4), 1319-1363, April 2023  (SSRNInternet Appendix)

           Lead article and Editor’s Choice article 

           Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 58 (8), 3231-3273, December 2023 (SlidesInternet Appendix, SSRN)

           Covered by:  Wall Street Journal (Oct 2021),  Wall Street Journal (June 2018),  Bloomberg,  USA TodayWall Street Journal (Mar 2023)

           Review of Financial Studies, 33 (10), 4445-4488, October 2020   (SSRN)

           Lead article and Editor’s Choice article 

           Best Paper Award at the 2018 ASU Sonoran Winter Finance Conference

           Short summaries:  CLS Blue Sky Blog,  Korn Ferry Institute

           Journal of Finance, 74 (5), 2441-2490, October 2019   (SlidesInternet AppendixSSRN)

           Brattle Group Prize for Distinguished Paper in Corporate Finance at the Journal of Finance

           Covered by:  Finance Theory Insights 

           Short summary for the SECBPC blog post on SEC's proposed regulations

            Review of Financial Studies, 29 (12), 3394-3427, December 2016   (SlidesInternet AppendixSSRN)

            Covered by:  Harvard Law School Forum 

            Short summary for the SEC

            American Economic Review, 106 (9), 2552-2581, September 2016   (SlidesInternet AppendixSSRN)

           Journal of Finance, 71 (2), 775-808, April 2016   (SlidesInternet AppendixSSRN)

           Short summaries:  Harvard Law School ForumPro-Market

           Journal of Financial Economics, 117 (3), 607-627, September 2015   (Internet AppendixSSRN)

           Review of Financial Studies, 27 (5), 1486-1532, May 2014   (SlidesShort summaryInternet AppendixSSRN

           Swedish House of Finance Best Conference Paper by a Doctoral Student, EFA 2011

           Short summary:  Harvard Law School Forum 

           Journal of Finance, 66 (5), 1579-1614, October 2011  (SlidesInternet AppendixSSRN)

           Short summary:  Harvard Law School Forum